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My name is Shirley Proctor and I am a retired nurse who is
always seeking to learn something new. I currently work part-
time at a physician's office and saw that there was a great need
to improve the services in the medical billing department. I
started looking online for courses but I was not too intrigued
about online learning. Then I heard of a medical billing course
that would be held on St. Thomas Virgin Islands and got excited
about that.
Getting enrolled in the class was a challenge because of so much
red tape. I became discouraged and withdrew from the class.
However, my mentor and encourager was Denise Hendrickson
who encouraged me to stay in and pursue the course. I took her
advice and now I am happy I did.
The training program, M1 Enterprises, took away my
reservations about online learning. Shelly Rideout, Doug
Rideout, and Susan Daniel made learning the material fun. The
class was a twelve-week program. For the most part, the lessons
were online, but the instructors also provided in-person classes,
and that made the class all the more exciting. I now have a better
understanding of medical billing and how and why it can
improve the financial success of the medical practice.
At the end of the twelve weeks, received my Certificate of
Completion - Hooray I did it!
That was exciting, but the best part is that the instructors also
prepared me for taking the National Certification Exam offered
by AAPC. They showed a keen interest in my success in
obtaining my National Certification. Here is my Certification
Card to prove it.

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Shirley Proctor
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Thanks, Shelly, Doug, and Susan.

Anyone reading this testimonial, if you are interested in Medical
Billing I highly recommend M1 Enterprises for all your learning